Visual Cartography

To create a 360 degree image, one has to stitch about 40 photographs (taken at regular intervals). First, the visual equator is recorded, then the northern and southern visual hemispheres and then the zenith. An interesting situation takes place when one tries to photograph the nadir, because at this spot the photographer stands with his equipment. In other words, the photographer interferes in the process of recording the visual sphere. To record the total space, one, as a photographer, needs to disappear, yielding this spot to the space being recorded. The absence of the photographer gives the Visual Planisphere its total presence.

The visual planisphere is the representation of the Sphere of Space in two dimensions. We are dealing with a map, and maps can be explored, projected in different ways and used to see relations that are not apparent in the real world.

The 360 degree image opens the possibility to do Visual Cartography.